The Horse and Rider Connection

Restoration & Maintenance through Equine Massage Therapy

The Chapel Hill News - 2000

Sometimes man (make that woman) and beast become entwined in unusual ways. An early experience involving an Arabian left a lasting impression on Bobbi Whittemore, an equine massage therapist with the Horse & Rider Connection team in Chapel Hill.

"During my high school years, the horse trainer I worked for and I sported long, flowing, middle-of-the-back-length hair. She wore her hair in a braided ponytail. I often wore mine in pig tails. Standing in front of the stall of a playful Arabian stallion one day, the trainer suddenly found her head plastered up against the stall wall slats, as the stallion tried to pull her pony tail into the stall to play with!

"I went out that evening for a hair cut, and have had short hair since!"